Room Time Topic Speaker Video
101 12:30-13:10 The Management of MDR Gram- Negative Infections in ICU: How do We Get it Right in the First Place? Miguel Sánchez-García

101 16:00-16:40 Echocardiography and Ultrasound in ECLS Martin Balik

301 09:50-10:10 Urinary Oxygen Tension Continuous Monitoring in The OR and ICU - Promising New Parameter that Solve Problems with the Current Management of the Kidney- Naoya Iguchi

301 10:10-10:30 Update Management of MDR-GNB Pneumonia in ICU Jia-Yih Feng

301 11:00-11:20 The Future of Intensive Care Specialists as New Sub-Specialties in Japan Yasuyuki Kakihana

301 11:20-11:40 Critical Care Training and Board Examination in Taiwan Fang Ming Hung

301 11:40-12:00 Clinical Practice Competencies for Intensive Care Nursing in Japan Takeshi Unoki

301 12:00-12:10 Critical Care Nurses in Taiwan Chin-Yuan Tsan

301 12:10-12:20 ICU Pharmacists in Taiwan Chi-Ju Yang

301 12:35-13:20 Effectiveness and Safety Profiles of Eravacycline in Real-World Setting Adrian Ong

301 13:30-13:50 Implementing AI in Clinical Practice Tomoko Fujii

301 13:50-14:10 AI in Critical Care Ming-Cheng Chan

301 14:10-14:30 Evaluation of Multiple Organ Failure Kent Doi

301 14:30-14:50 Smart Quality Management Chin-Ming Chen


Room Time Topic Speaker Video
101 09:10-09:30 Critical Care at the Crossroads: Visions and Dreams for the Future Vinay M. Nadkarni

101 09:30-09:50 Early Mobilization in the ICU Tina Chen

101 09:50-10:10 Utilizing the ANZICS Critical Care Data Registry David Ku

101 09:50-10:10 Survival ≠ Recovery: Managing the Aftermath of Critical Illness Nida Qadir

101 10:55-11:15 Management of Sepsis in the Elderly Patient Phillip Dellinger

101 11:15-11:35 Septic AKI Chun-Te Huang

101 11:35-11:55 Evolution of the Sepsis Bundles: 2004 to Present Christa Schorr

101 11:55-12:15 Research of Interest in Sepsis Yu-Chang Yeh

101 12:25-13:05 Blood Purification in Sepsis Management Kent Doi

301 09:10-09:40 History of KSCCM and Collaboration with International Societies Gee Young Suh

301 09:40-10:10 History, Evolution and Further Development of Critical Care in Taiwan Kar-Lok Wong

301 10:40-11:00 Updated ARDS Guidelines in Korea Ho-Geol Ryu

301 11:00-11:20 PADIS in Taiwan Ping-Teng Chu

301 11:20-11:40 PADIS in Korea Sungwon Na

301 11:40-12:00 AKI Tao-Min Huang

301 13:30-13:50 Korean Sepsis Alliance Sunghoon Park

301 13:50-14:10 Taiwan CORE / Smart Critical Care Yu-Chang Yeh

301 14:10-14:30 K-MIMIC and AI-CDSS Sang-Min Lee

301 14:30-14:50 AI Prediction of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in ICU Using Routinely Monitored Vital signs Chien-Chang Lee