Invited Speakers

United States (美國)
  • Dr. Nida Qadir
  • Associate Professor of Medicine
  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Dr. Nida Qadir is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Associate Director of the Medical ICU at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She is also the co-director of UCLA’s Post-ICU Recovery Clinic. Her research focuses on ARDS, shock, and post-intensive care syndrome. She has contributed to multiple clinical guidelines in the field of critical care and serves on the World Health Organization’s guideline development group for Therapeutics and COVID-19. She is a sought-after pulmonary and critical care educator who has served as faculty for numerous international conferences.
Survival ≠ Recovery: Managing the Aftermath of Critical Illness
Up to 80% of patients who survive the ICU will develop post-intensive care syndrome (PICS), resulting in physical, cognitive, and psychological impairments. This presentation provides an overview of the clinical manifestation of PICS and risk factors for its development. An approach to PICS evaluation and management in follow-up clinics will also be discussed.