Invited Speakers

Taiwan (台灣)
  • Prof. 黄家樂(Kar-Lok WONG)
  • Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Kuang Tien General Hospital (since 1931), Taichung, Taiwan
  • President, Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Professor Wong is the President of Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, and the Professor of Taiwan Kuang Tien General Hospital, Former Director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Adjunct Professor of Institute of Bio-medical Science and Institute of Clinical Medical Science at China Medical University, Taiwan. He is also the Honorary Professor of the LKS Faculty of Medicine at University of Hong Kong. Professor Wong is also the principal investigator of the International Collaboration Project of the National Sciences Council of Taiwan and Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology since 2005. His major research interest is focus on the antioxidant on nervous and cardiovascular system. Now he has published more than 90 publications and 289 presentations at those major sciences and medical conference; and got more than 39 items of awards. Professor Wong has been an invited speaker in many major international congress such as World Congress of Anaesthesiologists, Conference of International College of Surgeons, Meeting of International Airway Management Society etc. He is also the Founding Director of International Airway Management Society; Former President of Taiwan Society of Intravenous Anesthesia, and active participate and interacts positively with international academic cooperation and activity.
History, Evolution and further development of critical Care in Taiwan
The Western Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine(WPACCM) was founded in 1981. Professor Chun-Jean Lee(Taiwan) along with other Taiwanese doctors founded “WPACCM Taiwan” at 1982 with the intentions to develop critical care medicine and promote its research in Taiwan, and our society was one of the founding members of the WPACCM.
As to build up the specialist system in Taiwan, the WPACCM Taiwan renamed as the Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine(TSECCM) in 1990, concomitant with the Journal of the SECCM published.
In 1991, President Yuan-Teh Lee, established the specialist system; with three board certifications for critical care physicians, traumatologists, and emergency physicians at 1993. Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine and the Taiwan Society of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine join up to the Joint Board Certification Committee of Intensivists in 2004; this committee ensured the continuing education and board certification of intensivists in Taiwan. In December 2012, the joint committee became a six-society committee after it was joined by the Taiwan Surgical Association, the Taiwan Society of Cardiology, and the Taiwan Society of Anesthesiologists.
TSECCM was also active participating and pushing in government policy formulation. Our society assisted the Ministry of Health and Welfare to established the Emergency Patient Referral Act at 2008; thus, the TSECCM formed the Emergency Medical Assistance Advisory Committee and to promoted palliative care, organ donation as well as critical care medicine in Taiwan, and still keep going on.
The TSECCM and the Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine has an extraordinary history of international academic exchange, including cooperation with the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, Asia Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine, World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, Society of Critical Care Medicine(USA), Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine, Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Critical Care Medicine Society of Singapore, Chinese Society of Critical Care Medicine and Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine in variety of activities as to promote excellence in patient care, education and research as well.