Welcome Message

Dear friends and all the participants,

Welcome to Taipei.
On behalf of Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine (TSCCM) and Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine (TSECCM), we are pleased to announce that the SECC-Best of SCCM Congress 2024 Taipei will be held on October 5-6,2024. This is the third time to hold this international congress. The main theme is Smart Emergency and Critical Care (SECC).

Entering a Post-epidemic era, it is the time to re-build the platform to share updated critical care research and experiences face to face. We express our most gratitude to all speakers for taking their valuable time to prepare lectures. The topics from various fields such as AI management, data science, updates of sepsis management, AKI and renal critical care, trauma care and nutrition of critically ill patients, and multi-organ treatment in COVID-19.

Taiwan, one of the safest and most convenient countries in the world. In this beautiful island, not only the various mountain and sea scenery, hot springs, the most beautiful scenery is Taiwan friendly people. We sincere invite you to enjoy Taiwan unique and attractive travel experiences.

Wish you all enjoy this congress and wish you have a wonderful weekend.

Sincerely yours,

Kuo-Chin Kao
Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine

Kar-Lok WONG
Taiwan Society of Emergency & Critical Care Medicine